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Wooden solid folding table folding stool garden table oak picnic table modern wood quality balcony table style

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    Wooden Oak Solid Folding Table and Folding Stool
    Product features:
    Production from massive using American White Oak dried in oven at 10% humidity obtained from sustainable forests,
    Double layer acrylic protective varnish,
    Special mounting accessory in joints and moving areas,
    Perfect production with intense hand workmanship,
    100% quality control,
    Foldable and does not require assembly,
    Ergonomic, easy to carry and store,
    Resistant to moisture and humidity changes. (It should not be left under the rain in the open air)
    It is produced in design, quality and standards that can be used in the interior of your home as well as in the garden and open areas.
    Folding Stool Technical Specifications:
    Height: 40.5 cm
    Width: 30 cm
    Length: 30 cm
    Distance between two legs: 25 cm
    Max. carrying capacity: 150 kg (1 person)
    Folding Table Technical Specifications:
    Height: 75 cm
    Width: 60 cm
    Length: 60 cm
    Distance between two legs: 32/41 cm
    Sustainable Forest: It is a forest management model in countries with international accreditation in order to ensure the global carbon cycle and to control global warming by conserving and enriching forest resources in nature.
    Acrylic Varnish: It is a protective surface coating material used to protect wooden products against external factors such as moisture, humidity, etc. for a long time and to reflect their natural beauty. It prevents the wood from yellowing and deforming. Especially branded products that do not contain heavy metals harmful to health are used.
    Montebent Accessory: It is a special accessory used for joining the parts at the movement points of wooden products.
    Hope you use it on healthy days.
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