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VR Glasses for 9D VR Egg Chair Cinema Deepoon E3C Head Display WIith Nolo CV1 Motion Tracking Kit Gaming Combo 2560x1440p

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    NOLO CV1 and NOLO CV1 PRO  its same model  ,will send random
    Products Details

     VR Glasses for 9D VR Egg Chair Cinema Deepoon E3C  Head Display  WIith Nolo CV1  Motion Tracking Kit Gaming Combo 2560x1440p  


    Deepoon E3 a PC-Driven VR headset for PC gamers. What makes Deepoon E3 consumer-ready is its ease of use and compatibility with the PC games already on the market.
    The Deepoon E3  instead of using regular lenses, it takes advantage of the Fresnel optical lens to alleviate dizziness. The distance and gravity sensors built into E3 are conducive to achieve true “six degrees of freedom,” allowing for tracking of every conceivable movement the headset could make. It also comes with eye myopic adjustment settings and strong premium ABS materials.

    The eye-tracking and facial recognition features of E3 were demonstrated during the event, a demonstration which impressed the audience. These new functions will provide more possibilities for VR socialization.

    Image quality is enhanced with E3 as it is now equipped with the AMOLED soft-light eyes-friendly screen which is authorized by Samsung. The resolution of E3 reaches 2560*1440 and the number of pixels is 42.2% higher than similar products from other brands. Fresnel lens has been adopted by the company for the first time ever to effectively reduce the lattice and prevent dazzle light. The wider 110° FOV further improves the VR experience.

    Users won’t feel any burden when using this slim helmet as E3 weighs only 297 grams, which makes it the lightest among other products of the same kind. The self-adaptive headband provides more comfort for users, especially for those who wear glasses.

    E3 is compatible with most middle-high level computers and can run smoothly with the device be it a normal notebook or an advanced PC. The assembly process for the E3 is simple as the product is only attached to a few cards and users can choose from a range of cord lengths from 3-5 meters according to their needs and surroundings.

    Deepoon E3 3D PC VR Headset supports the well-known Steam VR platform and contains more than 800 popular VR games. Additionally, with E3, users can access the content available on the three DPVR-owned platforms which include 3Dbobo, DPVR All-In-One VR platform, and DPVR Assistant. In total, the three platforms offer more than 10,000 3D/VR films and videos

    Main Features:

    • Compatible with the overwhelming majority of computers and laptops

    • Equipped with the Fresnel optical lens, no dizziness and double

    • Built-in distance sensor and gravity sensor, real and immersive

    • Suitable glasses space for myopic peopl

    • 110 degree FOV for best view experience

    • AMOLED 2560 x 1440 resolution screen protect your eyes from harmful blue light effectively

    • Auto-adjustable head strap increases the wearing comfort

    • Small and compact appearance, no burden on your head

    • Game platform: VRonline / SteamVR

    • Deepoon VR with NOLO CV 1 PRO (NOLO CV1 PRO)is the first one that brings immersive VR experience to Mobile VR platform. Users could freely move around and interact in the virtual world with their smartphones or VR headset.)


    Deepoon E3 VR
    Fresh 3D VR experience
    Basic version

    High Definition Images

    Equipped with the Fresnel optical lens, no dizziness,

    more realistic feeling.

    2.5K AMOLED Soft Eye-protective Screen
    Reduce 97.3% harmful blue light than the regular LCD screen

    Compact Size and Light Weight
    297g, comfortable to wear and no burden on your head

    Adjustable Head Strap Design

    Automatically comfort your head and finish wearing for 1s.

    Coupled with glasses space, thoughtful design for myopic people.

    Strong Compatibility

    Compatible with the overwhelming majority of computers and laptops.

    (Please read the following configurations for reference)

    Different Port

    VR + Education
    Improve the interest for children.

    VR + Travel
    Freely enjoy fantastic scenery.

    VR + House

    Combine virtual with reality, provide a selling house system,

    directly take on the construction and design of the house.

    Complex craftsmanship

    Deepoon E3C With NOLO CV 1



    Model: DEEPOON E3

    VR Glasses Type: VR Headset

    Compatible with: Computer

    Interface: HDMI port,USB interface

    Languages: Chinese,English


    Screen size: 5.7inch

    Screen Resolution: 2.5K 


    FOV: 110 degrees

    IPD Adjustment: Yes

    IPD (Interpupillary distance): 54 – 74mm

    Focus Adjustment: No

    Space for Glasses: Yes

    Refraction Compensation (Degrees): 600 degree for myopic people, 200 degree for hyperopic people


    Games support: SteamVR,VRonline

    Dimension and Weight

    Product weight: 0.2970 kg

    Package weight: 0.7260 kg

    Product size (L x W x H): 10.00 x 12.00 x 8.00 cm / 3.94 x 4.72 x 3.15 inches

    Package size (L x W x H): 20.00 x 15.00 x 10.00 cm / 7.87 x 5.91 x 3.94 inches

    Package Contents

    Package Contents: 1 x Deepoon E3 3D PC VR Headset ( Basic Version ), 1 x Audio Cable, 1 x 3-in-1 AV Cable, 1 x Cleaning Cloth, 1x English Manual

    Package List

    1 x Deepoon E3 3D PC VR Headset ( Basic Version )//1 x Deepoon E3 3D PC VR Headset +NOLO CV1 SETS

    1 x Audio Cable

    1 x 3-in-1 AV Cable

    1 x Cleaning Cloth

    1 x English Manual

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