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SUNMAS SM9065F Full Body Electronic Muscle Stimulation Toning Massager with Massage Belt slimming belt and Arm Band -black

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    SUNMAS SM9065 Full Body Electronic Muscle Stimulation Toning Massager with Massage Belt and Arm Band -black


    • Professional TENS unit device,Waist Belt,Arm Belt and 7 pcs reusable massage pads.
    • Pain relief for lower back arm Legs and abdominal,Trimming Excess Fat and Slimming Muscle Groups
    • Massage belt armlet to help tone your abdominal muscles.
    • Massage function, it can be applied to every part of the human body
    • It created as a stimulator for abdominal muscles provides a complete workout for the muscles and helps improve tone, overall strength, and creates a healthier body and perfect abs





    •   Unique tensile outlet wire design, novel pocket design, separate controller, it is portable and convenient; you can choose the way you like to massage
    •   Exclusive substantially horizontal scrolls, easy to storage.

    •   Multifunctional: support belly, legs, waistand arm.


    •   Combing designing of soft materials makes the sliming belt flexible, comfortable, breathable and durable.


    •   Large contacting surfaces make the belt easily close to the skin.






    •   Low frequency pulse massage, which promote blood circulation and prevent pains and aches on your waist and arm.
    •   Firm the muscle of body
    •   Dissolving accumulated fat on arms, waist, abdomen, and legs.



    Product specification


    Name of product

    Low frequent Massager

    Model No.


    Power Voltage


    Massage issuing frequency


    Consumed current


    Status adjustment

    6 kinds of status

    Strength level adjustment

    10 sections

    Battery not include in the package!!!






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