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Original Nike Air Force 1 Shadow CO Women ‘S Sports Shoes-Yellow CI0919-700 Nike Sneaker

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    Nike Air Force 1 Shadow ‘University Red’ Women Sports Shoes CI0919-108


    Nike Air Force 1 Shadow Female Sports Shoes

    Sports shoes üretimindeki successful performansıyla globally intense interest gören Nike, user experience functional kılma order sets off. High comfort, top level performance, ergonomics and stylish design in one pot eriten shoes producing Nike, different
    Demographic characteristics have user profiles seslenebiliyor. Innovation and R & D work design and manufacturing processes at all stages of the brand, unique base technologies which are preferred shoes sports clothing tutkunlarından full taking note.

    Brand wide product fine selection of noticeable in Nike Air Force 1 Shadow Women ‘S Sports Shoes, konforunuzu features to support it embodies. Motion kabiliyetinizi artıran
    And all day long make aktivitelerde your foot to feel comfortable ensure product, durable structure also long life use significantly supports.
    Model, developed by Nike base and foam applications thanks to a unique quality reveal.

    Change Power Women Serving

    Toplum life change, giving you the power in other words pioneered the respect to women in national Nike Air Force 1 Shadow Women ‘S Sports Shoes, carried by message as quite valuable. New generation for exemplary and past, today, amongst the future bridges
    The establishment of sağlayan refers to the women in shoes, production processes power are inspired by the concept.

    This is in line with two layers Swoosh, twice the height of and two layers force users before the hottest product, change front foot women with the spirit of mirroring konusunda extremely successful. Model, layer structure strength and durability based production perspective
    Reinforces. In addition to all of the iconic Air Force 1 stilinin modern interpretation including shoes, women’s appreciation is winning.

    Corrugated Outsole You Comfort Demystifies

    Nike’a specific foam and base teknolojileriyle around the instant comfortable feel disposes that Nike Air Force 1 Shadow Female Sports shoes lightness had. Modelde choose the
    Foam midsole the shoe in the shape of your foot receive kolaylaştırırken motion kabiliyetinizi considerable level of stepping up. Your foot different yönlerdeki all movements to comfortably possible product, flexible construction reveal.

    As reported in the Ayakkabıda corrugated outsole, user experience enriches in many different aspects. The product is flexible, lightweight and comfortable structure supporting comes to base, different on top level wearing comfort. Locations contact high increasing grip
    Featuring the ability to model, user experience more long-term hâle brings.

    İkonik Shape and Layered Style In One

    Air Force’s on the iconic style setting out product design detaylarındaki an advanced user experience with some modification kapısını aralıyor. The same with original AF1 iconic shape
    Slightly larger than the midsole, orantıları değiştirerek design due to differences
    Contributor. Related midsole, recognition of the shoe is also easy.

    Layer style fore resulting Nike Air Force 1 Shadow Women ‘S Sports Shoes, brand ögelerini by doubling stronger design had. Two lacing hole and two Swoosh
    Logo as well as two fender and two rear tips layer style of the product, AF1’in iconic görünümünü of a completely different size.

    Nike Air Force 1 Shadow Female Sports Shoe ‘S Other Features

    Ayakkabıda leather and synthetic material use in question.

    Leather and synthetic materyallerin together use durability stepping up.

    Product rubber strip.

    Medium base height: 41mm

    Note: Customs charges are Not included in the price. Each country’s customs rules are different.

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