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HY BSO NP-10LP01 cinema projector for NEC NC1000C projector-OEM

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  • Description

    HY BSO NP-10LP01 cinema projector for NEC NC1000C projector-OEM

    Place of Origin:China

    Base Type:NSHA

    Rated Power:250W

    Life Expectancy:3000hrs

    Model Number: NP-10LP01

    For Projector:NEC NP-NC1000C+/NP-NC1000

    Packing:Carton Box

    Application:Home Office School Cinema

    warranty:180 days
    Base Type:With Housing
    Delivery time:2~ 5 Days
    Condition:100% Brand New

    Payment Terms:Paypal / T/T / Western Union

    Contact Method:abby@gzhylamps.com


    Suitable for projector
    Model is more,No model found, please consult

    Lamps in box with pearl foam. Tag with customized barcode is available.

    We support the following payment.

    Related Products
    A.Original lamp module(OM).
    B.Original lamp with housing(OLWH).
    C.Original bare lamp(OB).
    D.Competible lamp with housing(CLWH)
    E.Compatible bare lamp(CB).

    Spare parts :
    1).LCD Panel
    2).Power supply
    4).Ballast Unit
    5).Remote control
    6).Color Wheel

    Our advantages & services

    1.Professional Cooperation Team. Our sales team will advise you sincerely a bout the data of lamps and offer the good value,which worth the money.

    2.180-day Warranty. In order to prove the quality of our lamps, we can offer y ou 180-day warranty from the date of shipping invoice,which can make your e njoy life freely.

    3. Abundant Stock enable us to arrange shipment fast,usually lamps ordered can be shipped out at the same day.

    4. Reliable Corporation. We have been in projector lamps for 10 years. We’re always here to support you if any problem occurred.

    Quality Assurance

    HY projector lamps using PPT material,with heat dissipation stable performance,to show the light rate of the lamps.

    The brands we can provide includes:

    Guangzhou HuaYu Electronic Technology is largest wholesaler of projector bulbs in China, and we have an independent cooperative factory. We have a history of ten years. We carefully test every bulb and send it to customers before making sure there is no error.

    It supplies original lamp module (OM), original lamp with housing (OWH), and original bare lamp (OB) for PHILIPS, OSRAM, USHIO, EPSON, PANASONIC, HITACHI, SANYO, SONY, INFOCUS, BENQ, OPTOMA, MITSUBISHI, PHOENIX, DELL etc. Its products include UHP, UHE, VIP, NSHA, NSH, SHP, HS, HSCR, UMPRD, UMVRD, UHM, SHL, etc.

     Our lamp is manufactured using the original bulb with an OEM housing (OWH). Therefore, the quality is about the same as the original manufacturer lamp (OM). Our OWH lamp price is up to 300% cheaper than the OM lamp. Our price is also competitive as compared to other OWH lamp supplier. Our lamps meet the specifications as of the OM lamps. We give 6 months warranty with one to one replacement. Besides we provide FREE compatible filter in the package. Our goal is to give customers an alternative choice of lamp while saving their money with a peace of mind on the lamp lifetime and performance.

    Q: I have just installed a lamp and I’m still getting no picture. Is this a problem with my lamp?
    A:Maybe. Please check that the lamp is properly seated and plugged in, and that the cover is screwed securely over it, as most
    projectors and televisions will not light with the cover open as a safety feature. If it still does not fire after checking all of
    these factors, it might be an issue with your lamp or your television/projector; please contact your manufacturer’s technical
    support line for more information.

    Q:I just installed my lamp and it is flickering. Is this a problem with my lamp?
    A:Maybe. As there is mercury inside the lamp, it will be gasified when the lamp is turned on. During the gasification process, the
    lamp may flicker, but should stop after a few minutes. If it continues after a few minutes, there may be a problem with the lamp.

    Q:I just installed my lamp and there is a smell of burning plastic. Is this a problem with my lamp?
    A:Maybe. A slight burning smell can be normal for the first few hours of use, however if the smell persists or gets worse, it
    could be the lamp overheating, please shut down your unit to prevent any further problems.

    Q:A number of white dots have appeared on the screen. Is that a problem with the lamp?
    A:Not likely. Check the lens of your projector/television and lamp first for any debris that might be causing image issues. If
    there is no debris, it is most likely a problem with the DMD chip, which will need to be replaced

    Q:My screen has a yellow/blue/green tint or has gone black & white. Is this a problem with my lamp?
    A:No. Lamps themselves only pump out white light, issues with color are an issue with the television/projector, either because of
    an aging LCD panel, or because of a bad color wheel. Please consult your manufacturer’s technical support line for troubleshooting
    on this

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