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Facial Mesotherapy Electroporation RF Radio Frequency Photon Face rf Lifting Tighten Wrinkle Removal Skin Rejuvenation Massage

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    Facial Mesotherapy Electroporation RF&EMS Radio Frequency Photon Face Lifting Tighten Wrinkle Removal Skin Rejuvenation

    ● Feature: ☛ Large contact area, better conductive effect. ☛ High quality stainless steel surface, suitable for all kinds of skin. ☛ Ideal for improving blood circulation and metabolism, offering you a safe and reliable way to improve facial skin pigmentation, skin elasticity and deeply eliminate wrinkles. ☛ With positive and negative ion technology, it may massage your face gently, convert moisture into ionic state, and then keep the skin cells in a moist state for 24 hours. ☛ High-frequency vibration massage, shrink pores, enhance firming and loose skin tissue, activate fine wrists and enhance skin elasticity ● Product name: Ion import and export beauty device ● Vibration frequency: Ion high vibration ● Material: ABS main material, stainless steel massage head ❤️ Commonly used Buttons battery power supply Two batteries can be used for about half month (Battery is included)❤️ ● Description: Ordinary hydrating products can only retain moisture on the surface of the skin and cannot be deeply locked in water. The iontophoresis device will replenish the skin’s moisture and decompose it into an ionic state to make it more efficient for penetration and rapid absorption. The mildest and most effective anode current (+) and cathode () absorb water-soluble products into the skin, helping the deep absorption of cosmetic nutrients. ● How To Use: Push the power switch up to”+”position ,LED light turns red, product starts to vibration, meanwhile,positive ion combine facial cleanser can clear pore dirt quickly ,resolve and release metabolism residue and improve pigmentation, cleansing from inside to outside ,recover pore penetrate and comfort. Push the power switch up to”-” position ,LED light turns green, product starts to vibration, meanwhile,, negative ion will import skin protector nutrition into corium layer, repair broken fiber, help cell absorb nutrition essence, apply skin with continuous new cell, and then get beauty effect.


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