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Bofigo 60 X80 Granite Patterned Folding Table + 4 Pieces Folding Chair Camping Set Garden Balcony Set

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    Bofigo 60 X80 Granite Patterned Folding Table + 4 Pieces Folding Chair Camping Set Garden Balcony Set Green

    Camping chairs, solve the problem of spending nature in a long time without getting tired. Recently, it has become very easy to get away from the chaos of the city, forget time and go on a journey in nature with camping chairs whenever you want. In addition, camping chairs are an important part of camping life. You can use the camping chairs regardless of the garden, balcony or terrace. Bofigo 60 X80 Granite Patterned Folding Table + 4 Pieces Folding Chairs Set Camping Garden Balcony Set Navy Blue provides you with great convenience wherever you carry it, allowing you to have a fun time with your family and friends.

    The Address of Comfortable Environments Bofigo Camp Set

    Bofigo table and chair set offers practical solutions for those who like to spend time in nature and those who like to host their friends on their balcony or garden in summer. You can enjoy the nice weather with its granite patterned table and four chairs. Bofigo table and chair set, which is easily foldable, provides your comfort while sunbathing on the beach or camping by lake.

    Benefits of Bofigo Set Camping

    Bofigo Set Camping provides you with countless advantages thanks to its features and ease of use. You can host crowded with groups the table and chair set designed for you to have a pleasant time in the open air.

    With four folding chairs and a granite table, you have the chance to dine on your balcony in fine weather.

    The granite-patterned folding table reaches a sufficient size when opened and creates an atmosphere of trust with its collapsible system.

    You can easily move the chairs by opening and closing them with one hand.

    The Borfigo set camping fits comfortably in any size trunk.

    Thanks to the materials of quality it is produced, it provides many years of use.

    Features of Bofigo Folding Table and Chair Set Camping

    You can use the Bofigo Set Camping, which you can carry with you on your trips, when you go to picnic, beach or camping, and take it with you when you open the summer season. The technical features it provides provide you with many benefits.

    There are also support fabrics on the back and seating parts of chairs, which are made of acrylic fabric that provides comfort and durability.

    The four folding chairs included in set camping have a carrying capacity of up to 110 kg.

    A hard spring is used for safety in the opening and closing mechanism.

    The materials from which it is produced prevent corrosion or tarnishing and provide long-lasting use.

    The thick profile used creates the solid body structure of the product.

    In addition to the prominent features of the product, features such as dimensions of tables and chairs, the materials they are produced, ergonomics and ease in the use of provide both practicality and durability.

    Rich of Content Bofigo Set Camping

    The set camping, a of consisting Bofigo Granite patterned folding chair and table, has been produced in such a way that you can use it anywhere.

    The arms of granite-patterned folding tables and chairs are produced from 1st quality wood, and the metal parts are of thick profile and have a solid structure as they are with painted baked paint. This ensures its longevity.

    Acrylic backing fabrics on the back and seat of the chairs make you comfortable when you sit for a long time.

    The set camping, which can be in used places such as travel, picnic, camping, is very ergonomic. In addition, it is reliable as a hard and metal spring system is in the used production and tables of chairs.

    The granite-patterned folding table and four red-colored chairs The harmonized with your tent as well as add vitality to your balcony, terrace and garden.

    When the folding table with the dimensions of 60 × 80 cm is opened, its height from the ground reaches 65 cm and easily supports your crowded tables.

    The package includes an elegant granite-patterned table and four folding chairs.

    Products can be easily cleaned by wiping. You can also fold and remove it with one hand. The chairs don’t weigh more than 110 kg.

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