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6L Mini Car Fridge Cooler Warmer 2 in 1 Multi-function 12V Travel Refrigerator Portable Electric Icebox Cooler Box Freezer

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    Default delivery product color, white


    Product Material: Metal ABS Plastic
    Appearance size: height 25cm * width 30cm * thickness 16.5cm
    Liner size: height 19cm * width 21cm * thickness 14.5cm
    (Can fit 30 cans 9 cans)
    Net volume: 6L
    Weight: 2.4KG

    There are cooling, heating and off three states
    Cooling or heating status indicated by red/green LEDs

    Car type: can only be used in the car 12v voltage;
    Dual-use car: It is used at home under 220v and can also be used under 12v voltage on the car;
    1 It is forbidden to use on 24v voltage, (it is necessary to add 24v to 12v converter)
    2 After the car was turned off, the refrigerator stopped working.
    Before switching from cooling to heating or heating to cooling, turn off the power for at least 30 minutes before proceeding!
    3. Unplug the power before cleaning.
    4. Do not place the heating box or power cord in liquid. Wipe with neutral soap and wet rag;
    5. Do not block the vents, otherwise the refrigerator will heat up and cause fire;

    Product design, portable, strap-on, light weight, no pollution, semi-conductor refrigerator, long life, low energy consumption, environmental protection, low noise
    , It not only can provide you with refreshing and delicious drinks, but also save you the cumbersome parking shopping. Usually at home, can also be used to refrigerate the hostess’s cosmetics
     1 product noise decibels?
    About 40 decibels, the product uses a brushless motor. Equivalent to desktop computers

    2. How much refrigerator power? power consumption?
     This section of refrigerator power is 30-48w, according to the “degree” and “wattage” conversion,
    3 The product reaches the lowest maximum temperature?
    The required time is 1-2 hours to reach the minimum temperature, and the maximum temperature. Below the ambient temperature of 20 degrees, different ambient temperatures will affect the cooling and heating effect of the product.
    It is recommended to add ice packs inside the product to speed up the temperature drop
    The design of a car mini fridge is not used to freeze food, but insulation!

    Ambient temperature: 35.9
    30 minutes after empty machine
    After heating temperature: 65

    Ambient temperature: 35.9
    Empty machine, 60 minutes later
    After cooling 14.1


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