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4 pieces common rail nozzle dlla145p864 / nd-dlla145p864 is suitable for Toyota pickup Vigo Hilux / 2kd FTV engine nozzle


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    4 pieces common rail nozzle dlla145p864 / nd-dlla145p864 is suitable for Toyota pickup Vigo Hilux / 2kd FTV engine nozzle

    ZS4S1   ZS15S15   DN4S1   CN-DN4SK1   DN12SD12   DN4SD24   DN0SD2110

    DN0SDN136   DN0SD193   DN4SDND133   DN4SD24ND80   DN0SD211  

    DN0SD21   DN0SD314   DN0SDN220   DN0SD261   DN0SD211  DN0SDN226 

    DN0SDND136   DN0SD299   DN0SD265   DN0SD230   DN0SD253   DN0SDN187

    DN0SD187   DN0SDN177    DN0SDN224   DN0SDN240 

    DLLA154S324C2           DLLA150S1304              DLLA154S284               DLLA150S902              DLLA155S007            DLLA152S015              CDLLA159S067

    DLLA152S015                DLLA151S985                DOP160S825-1424        DLLA151S011              DLLA155S028            DLLA147S275C2          DLLA155S236

    CDLLA147S071             DLLA155S295C2            DLLA152S295               CDLLA150S084           DLLA150S027            DLLA149S008               DLLA151S304

    CDLLA154SN640D       CDLLA154SN640           DLLA143S284                DLLA155SN529          DLLA150S374            DLLA137S1208             DLLA154S234 

    DLLA144S430                DLLZ156S1134               DLLA155S305C2          DLLA151S334              DLLA142SV62A         DLLA150S354               ZCK154S432 

    DLLA155S215                DLLA155S738                 DLLA155S718              CDLLA149S774            ZCK22S147                ZK150S825                    ZK150S825 

    DLLA153S068               CDLLA154SN606            CDLLA154S082            DLLA157S067             DLLA140S224             ZCK154S425                 ZCK155S527

    CDLLA155S529            CDLLA154SN080             DLLA155S054              ZCK155S529               ZCK22S150                  ZCK150S437                 ZCK150S435

    DLLA154S304C5          CDLLA150S069B             DLLA150S005              CDLLA150S069           CDLLA155S078           ZCK155S525                 ZCK154S427

    DLLA158S314C3          EDLLA140S1054A           DLLA142S454               ZCK156S428                ZCK150S629                ZCK150S430A              ZCK150S535 

    DLLA140S1054            DLLA134S1199                 DLLA150S308               DLL150S6556              DLLA150S720              ZCK155S530                 ZCK150S830

    DLLA154S016              DLLA155S275C1              CDLLA150S058             6170Z-19B                   ZCK156S428                ZCK150S629                 ZCK150S430A

    CDLLA150S019           DLLA154S274                   CDLLA154S098             CDLLA154S097          CDLLA150S009            ZCK150S430A              ZCK150S535 

    DLLA142S924              DLLA142S012                   CDLLA151S088             DLLA155S007C           ZCK156S428                ZCK150S629                 ZCK155S529A

    CDLLA155SN515        CDLLA155S007                 DLLA155S255               CDLLA155SN515B      DLLA156S428              ZCK156S428                ZCK150S629

    ZCK155S529A             ZCK155S523                     ZCK155S525                  ZCK155S523A             ZCK160SY527              ZCK160SY528              ZCK160SY529

    ZCK155S532                ZCK156S3124A                ZCK150S3165                ZCK155S528                ZCK150S828                 ZCK155S309                ZCK32S170

    ZCK150S434                ZCK154S428                    ZCK150S835                   ZCK154S423                ZCK155S531                 ZCK20S242                  ZCK145S632

    ZCK22S147-48            ZCK140S440                    ZCK155S528B                 ZCK155S321                ZCK150S440                 DPN5225BCK              OLL150S8977

     ZCK160S625              ZCK160S624                    ZCK160S623                    ZCK150S027                ZCK150S840E               ZCK150S902                ZCK160SY526

    ZCK150S635               ZCK160S626                    ZK150S830                       ZCK150S435E              ZCK155S525B              ZCK150S627                6170ZC-19B         

     ZCK155S525L            ZCK150S530A                 ZCK150S540-1                 ZCK155S630                145L9                             6170ZC-19A                 6170Z-19B

     ZCK155S293              ZCK154S317                    ZCK155S334                     ZCK154S434                ZCK150S436                 ZCK155S524                ZCK150S532 

    ZCK160SY530            ZCK150S630                    BDLLA150S556                6170ZC-19B                  DLLA136S1000          DLLA124S1001          DLLA140S1003

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    Company introduction

    Shenzhen Jieer Fuel Pump Nozzle Co., Ltd. was founded in late 2002. It is a new modern enterprise specializing in the production of various specifications of automotive professional accessories. Its high-quality products are as follows: single cylinder oil pump, injector, nozzle, metering unit, control valve, valve assembly, automotive accessories, agricultural machinery accessories, mechanical products, electronic products, mechanical equipment, and other engine accessories. The company is guided by the tenet of “unity and dedication, marching towards 17 centuries, with high investment, high-tech equipment, creating first-class products, first-class benefits, serving customers at home and abroad”. We adhere to the principle of “quality first, reputation first”, and provide the best service to customers at home and abroad. With talents, information, quality and efficiency, we try our best to meet the ever-changing development needs of automotive parts industry.

    The company will continue to carry forward the pioneering spirit of “pioneering and enterprising”, and make greater achievements with the enthusiastic support of friends from all walks of life.

    The company sincerely welcomes all kinds of talents to the company to display their talents and share

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